Engage is the Podcast Program of global culture, transformative concepts, and engaged philosophy, from the philosophy department at Oregon State University.

Jan 12

Christian Matheis “What is Polyamory?” (Webisode Four:  Final Thoughts—Caution and Human Potential in Relationship Diversity)

Dec 22

Christian Matheis, “What is Polyamory?” (Webisode Three:  Polyamory and Patriarchy)

Dec 17

Christian Matheis, “What is Polyamory?”  (Webisode Two:  Fairness and Jealousy in Polyamorous Relationships)

Dec 16

Christian Matheis:  ”What is Polyamory?” (Webisode One:  Definitions)

Oct 7

Dr. Courtney Campbell, “The Ethics of Plagiarism”

Sep 30

Darius Rejali, “The Ethics of Torture.”  

Rejali’s book, Torture and Democracy, won the Best Book, Human Rights Section Award for 2008 by the American Political Science Association

Sep 16

Dr. Lani Roberts, “What is Diversity?”